Greeny’s Do Autotest


Date Start Time Location
18/08/2021 18:30 The Greens Estate, Foldshaw Lane, Padside, Thornthwaite

A new venue courtesy of Simon Green - Greeny's Do - Autotest (in homage to Normans Do)...

We have 3 grass fields to use on the evening BUT the venue is weather dependent as it can get extremely wet in parts.
As we haven't used the venue before and at the request of landowner we are restricting the entry to 20 to see how it goes.
Clerk of Course on the evening is Leon Humphries and John Harris is Event secretary.
Entries secretary is Karen Humphries - All entries must be made online via MCM.

NB Tyres - TYRES
Tyres may be either Summer or Winter patterned road tyres but must have a none aggressive road pattern.
(A none aggressive road pattern being a pattern having horizontal, lateral or diagonal groves of between 2mm and 9mm across their width). An aggressive patterned tyre with horizontal, lateral or diagonal groves across their width of 10mm or
more may not be used.

The scrutineer will make the final decision as to whether tyres conform to this tyre regulation.