Ilkley Jubilee Online Entry

Update 08-07-22

It was our intention that entries for the Ilkley Jubilee Rally were to open in early July. We have all the necessary permits and authorisation in place to do this. However, we are delaying entries due to discussion regarding access to a major area of private land.

All the special tests and 13 miles of regularity are scheduled to take place on the military ranges around Catterick, and due to training needs the landowners cannot confirm that the land will be available for our rally. As a result of the international situation the military are conducting a good deal more training exercises across all of their assets. As you will have seen this has led to a number of motorsport events being either cancelled or postponed.

We are still in regular communication with the landowners and have not yet reached the point where we need to postpone or cancel the Ilkley Jubilee. It would however not be sensible to open entries at this stage until we can get a firmer decision from them as to whether we can go ahead or not. We feel the best course of action at this stage is to hold off for 3 weeks, before making the final decision and issuing another bulletin.

We will make every effort to find some alternative venues but having committed ourselves to the move further north our traditional ones are now beyond reach, so we are faced with a struggle to find new ones within a very short time frame.

Without Catterick I think it very unlikely we could put on an event which would be up to our usual standards.

Ian Mitchell.

CoC Ilkley Jubilee Rally 2022